How to Create Your Own Natural Home Yoga Sanctuary

home yoga practice with cork yoga matHow to Create Your Own Natural Home Yoga Sanctuary & Get Those Good Vibes Right In Your Own Home

They say the hardest part of yoga is making it to the mat. That might be the case when factoring in changing clothes, driving, parking, and paying for a class before even getting to the mat.

It gets a whole lot easier when your mat is one step away, ready to be rolled out beautifully right there on your living room floor, inviting you to those good vibes without even leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Some of the major benefits a home yoga practice is the absolute comfort of your own space, it will be on your own time schedule, and your own agenda. That post-yoga-glow might just be a few moments away from where you are sitting right now.

We´re about to share with you how you can create your own natural yoga space at home, making the journey to the mat a whole lot easier.

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For the modern busy bee, the time saver alone might just be worth setting up a home practice. Not to mention how much $ you’ll save from studio fees. 

For some, just being able to do 15 min of yoga can really bring about positive changes to how your feeling, releasing the tightness & stiffness from the workday, winding down for a good night sleep or even as a refresher in the morning after a night of zzz´s. 

If one of your resolutions is to take better care of your body or your mind, then trying a home yoga practice might be exactly what you’ll need to get started.

Here are our favorite picks to Create Your Own Natural Home Yoga Sanctuary to Get Those Good Vibes right in your own home: 

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1. Space for a mat – Finding the ideal spot in your home to roll out your yoga mat is key. Try to find a place where you can come back to every time, so you don't have to search for a spot each time you want to do yoga.

The right spot for you might be rolling out your yoga mat on your living room floor, or maybe in front of the TV. Or you could do it next to your bed if you need to shut your door for some quiet privacy.

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Ideally, you’d like somewhere where there´s space for you to stretch your arms out to the sides, to flow completely uninterrupted, without worrying about hitting a wall or knocking something over. But don't worry, my first home yoga practice space was at the side of my bed and only gave me about a little more than a yoga mat´s width to work with, and it actually worked out totally fine. Wherever the space you choose might be, it should make you feel good, relaxed and ready to get into the flow.


2. Choosing a good quality yoga mat that fits your needs.

When choosing the right yoga mat for you, it's important to look at some key attributes that your yoga mat needs to have. For a yoga mat to be of optimal performance, the first thing to look for is if it provides great grip and traction to avoid any slipping during your yoga practice. Most PVC and plastic surfaces are slippy and can distract you from your practice. 
Choosing a natural and non-toxic surface like cork, creating a stable base, with an excellent grip that actually increases with moisture and sweat! So you can bring on the heat and drop the towel, a cork yoga mat has you covered. If you're struggling to find the right mat, see our yoga mat guide here.


how to start doing yoga at home for beginnners. best cork yoga mat review3. Yoga Blocks. Before you rush out and purchase these, you might be surprised that you already have something in your house you can use. Being creative with stacked books as yoga blocks can absolutely get you there.

However, if you´d like to experience the full diversity, support and possibilities of what yoga blocks can do, choosing sturdy and durable cork yoga blocks is the best choice to go with.

how to use cork yoga blocks at home. Start your own yoga practice in your living room

4. Essential oils One of the first things you may notice when walking into a yoga studio is the gorgeous scent, which is often diffused essential oils.

I love bringing this into my practice because it feels like a bit of a ritual choosing a scent for my mood. You can either just rub a drop of your favorite essential oil between your palms and inhale from there, or if you’d really like to spice up your yoga space, an essential oil diffuser can create a beautiful aroma lasting during your whole session and beyond.


5. Your Phone or Laptop – Easy as that - set up your phone or laptop at the top of your mat and play a YouTube video there.

One of my favorite ways to really keep my home practice fresh, fun and inviting is to choose a quiet space where I won't be disturbed and turn on my favorite online yoga class. Perhaps you have a favorite yoga teacher who you’d love to be your own personal yoga coach? Well… a lot of amazing yoga teachers offer just that, through free yoga channels on YouTube or through subscription apps.

There are so many to choose from, however, our personal favorites are found on Yoga With Adrienne here(totally free!), and AloMoves here(monthly subscription fee) (we are not affiliated with any of the above, just our little tips).  

If you´re in the mood for a calming nightly wind down or a quick, energizing morning stretch, a quick search on YouTube can get you exactly what you need at that moment and letting you get on with your day or wind down for a good nights sleep.

If you’re feeling intuitive and confident, you can ditch the video altogether and follow your own flow.

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6. Yoga blanket – For the most delicious savasanas at the end of the yoga session. A yoga blanket can also be used in several ways to help support you in your yoga asanas, everything from creating a soft surface in shoulder stands to pigeon pose, and if you don't already have a yoga blanket, a sofa throw can get you there.

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7. Basket – I try to put everything that I use away, even if I’m going to get them all out again the next morning. I see it as similar to making the bed, and it only takes a minute! I repurposed an old basket as my storage, and I actually really like the way the rolled yoga mat and accessories look with my interior. 

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Do you practice yoga at home? If you do, I’d love to hear what you do to set the mood!