Moving Mindfully
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At The Asanas, we have a mission to passionately bring you innovative yoga products with all-natural, eco-friendly & sustainable cork material in beautiful design.

More than deliver excellent products, we truly feel that making eco-friendly choices & bringing nature into our yoga practice, we support the earth as well as getting the opportunity to feel grounded, calm & connected everyday.  

With all the amazing benefits of yoga, we know that when we invest in yoga, we invest in ourselves. 

Cultivating self-love, awareness & yoga in our lives creates healthy & mindful habits which often leads to more energy to invest in our family, our friends, our career, and our community. 

Amazingly, self investment can start with a simple yoga practice and ultimately transform our world for the better. 

We´re all about a more compassionate world. We would love for you to join us 💚

Our Story
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The Asanas was born out of a desire to combine our passion for optimal movement, mindful moments & a sustainable lifestyle. 

Through exploring the amazing benefits of cork & it’s compatibility with yoga, we started creating natural yoga products from the highest quality materials to inspire our own daily yoga practice & the love for cork yoga mats grew rapidly from interest from friends, to be loved by yogis worldwide
The Asanas Team
the asanas

Our mission is to encourage movement & mindfulness with eco-friendly and sustainable cork material, designed specifically for yoga in The Cork Collection.