Cork + Yoga = Love


cork yoga matCORK + YOGA = LOVE

Cork & Yoga – Two peas in a pod – Made for each other. The all-natural cork surface on the Cork Yoga Mat, Cork Yoga Block, and Cork Yoga Wheel gives you a unique grip, it’s surprisingly smooth to the touch, super easy to clean and maintain.

Bring nature into your yoga practice. Moving mindfully & finding balance. Eco-friendly, grippy & all natural cork created for yoga & you to move, naturally.

cork yoga matFEELING CORKY?

When doing good meets looking good – meet our passion CORK – Eco-friendly, naturally beautiful, excellent grip & it actually does grow on trees! Can you feel the difference? 

Cork is made by nature itself – It’s the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree growing in the Mediterranean area.

There are no added PVCs and toxic chemicals & cork is safe for both your skin & the environment. And it helps that it is (naturally) beautiful to look at too.


A yoga collection inspired by beautiful nature & Scandinavian design. Introducing our Cork Yoga Collection, including Cork Yoga Mat, Cork Yoga Block, Cork Yoga Wheel & Carrying Strap/Stretch Strap with Cork Logo.

Yogi’s: @meli_shakti @charlotdaysh @annesivaasen @aerialellie @maritamaeland @larskirkemo

Videographer: Motiv8Pictures