Nature Vibes

Take Your Yoga Practice Outside.

There’s nothing quite like practicing yoga outside in nature to help ground yourself in the present moment. We spend most of our daily lives with our heads tuned to our devices. Breath In, log off and find yourself a prime nature spot to roll out your yoga mat. 

cork yoga mat
Yoga is one of the most gentle, effective and playful ways to build flexibility in your body, not to mention strength and overall health and wellbeing.
And while the practice of yoga has a strong physical component in terms of helping to achieve a healthy, well-toned and functioning body, there are a wealth of other benefits of maintaining a regular yoga practice.
Cork yoga mat
Choosing to incorporate mindfulness into the yoga asanas allows you to focus on awareness and control of your breath, helping you tap into a natural, slow and intentional breath to relax your nervous system. Aside from the endorphins released due to the physical practice, this focus on breathing is often why people feel so clear-headed, calm and energized after a yoga class!
Cork Yoga Mat
cork yoga mat

“Yoga is such an amazing tool for movement & mindfulness. As a Chiropractor, I love incorporating Yoga as a compliment to my Chiropractic treatment, empowering people to take charge of their own health & well-being”.

– Monika, Chiropractor and founder of The Asanas

 cork yoga mat