Focus On Sustainable Production

You deserve yoga equipment that has your back from cat-cow to Shavasana! 

A skin-loving friend that is toxin free & all-natural, being good for you and the environment. 

Luckily, excellent quality yoga gear does not have to come a the expense of our planet´s health, nor does it need to irritate our skin.

Bring nature into your yoga practice with the Cork Yoga Mat. All-natural, biodegradable and made from renewable resources, this cork yoga mat is created you to move mindfully and live naturally.

cork yoga matDid you know that cork can be harvested again and again from the same tree? Pretty incredible, right? This makes cork an amazing renewable resource.

The "cork tree" recreates the stripped bark so you can harvest the cork bark once every 9 years. Actually, "cork trees" are the only trees in the world that are able to regenerate stripped bark. 

cork yoga mat review

A tree that is 80 years old can produce 40-60kgs of natural cork when harvested. The average cork oak tree produces one tonne of raw cork and can live for about 300 years. Contrary to popular belief, the trees are not cut down or harmed in the harvesting process. 

cork yoga mat sustainable

Interestingly, harvesting cork bark assists in the absorption of CO2 (carbon dioxide), a greenhouse gas, and in fact harvested cork trees absorbs 3-5 more CO2 than non-harvested trees. It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tonnes of CO2, a sizeable contribution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of climate change, and is an important producer of oxygen.

The non-slip cork surface is designed to grip with moisture and will keep you supported during all types of yoga. We make sure our cork yoga mat is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as premium biodegradable cork and natural tree rubber, containing no harsh chemicals, plastic, or PVC.  

cork yoga mat sustainable

We’ve created an ideal cushioning base from natural tree rubber that is sustainably captured via a process called rubber tapping. This process does not harm the trees and does not require any culling of forest or vegetation. Natural tree rubber is recyclable, and also biodegradable, meaning it can be disposed of in either landfill or incineration without environmental damage. 

Our yoga mats are also shipped without any soft plastic. We ship via recycled (and recyclable) cardboard boxes without any single-use plastic.

The result: Skin-friendly, earth-friendly & super grippy yoga products, for even the sweatiest yoga sessions! 

cork yoga mat sustainable