How To Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat

Easy, Effective & Natural DIY Recipe
You have sweated, moved, flowed, laughed, cried and sweated some more. With the many adventures your encounter on your yoga mat, there is a point when your mat needs to be cleaned. Many of you ask us how we keep our Cork Yoga Mat clean, neat & fresh.
So we’re about to share with you our favorite, simple, effective & natural DIY cleanser for your Cork Yoga Mat and how you can clean your cork yoga mat. You can make this gentle cleaner easily in your own home.
how to clean cork yoga mat

You’ll need:

·         Clean Water

·         Essential oils – Tetree oil + Lemongrass or Eecyualiptus + Lavender oil

·         White Distilled Vinegar

·         Spray Bottle

Simply fill the spray bottle with:

¾ Clean Water
¼ White Distilled Vinegar
5 drops Tea Tree essential oil
5 drops Lemon Grass essential oil


¾ Clean Water
¼ White Distilled Vinegar
5 drops Eecyualiptus essential oil
5 drops Lavender essential oil

Put the lid on the spray bottle and shake for 30 seconds. Spray a few test sprays in the air. And voila! You are ready to clean your Cork Yoga Mat.

how to clean cork yoga mat

 But how do I do it?

Spray your new & gentle yoga mat cleanser generously over the whole cork yoga mat. Tip: Is your mat particularly dirty where your hands and feet have been? Let the cleanser sit and work it’s magic for 1-2 minutes.

Use a damp cloth to wipe off the cleanser. Gently scrub a little extra where you need to and use a dry towel to dry your cork yoga mat.

Let the mat lay flat and air dry. It takes about 10-15 minutes, but it can take longer if you’ve used a lot of the cleanser. Don’t roll it up before it’s dry.

Fresh & Clean – Your mat is ready for your next adventure.


how to clean cork yoga mat

 That's how simple it is to clean your cork yoga mat.